Here we GOOOOOOooooo…!

Welcome, welcome, one and all. It’s nice to see my wonderful crowd of no one. Delivering your show tonight will be..

Me! I’d like to introduce myself to get this blog started up. I’m Spencer Nilsson, and you can call me SuperSN, or Super. It really doesn’t matter all that much. I am the young ripe age of 16, I live in the Mormon Corridor/Utah Valley (although I do not consider myself part of that group), and I’m fascinated by games, the processes behind them, and I’d like to make them. More specifically, I’d like to be a game designer among the likes of Tim Schafer, Ken Levine, or even Cliff Bles..




Bleh -zin -skee.

Anyways, I’ts a lofty goal, but I’m thinking that making a blog and writing down thoughts and musings on game design, making, and really all aspects of games and gaming, that I might get just a teensy bit closer to that place.

So in this blog, I’ll be talking about a great number of things, but (most) of it will in one way or another tie into gaming. I could be talking about aesthetics, level design, motivation, etc. I want to grow and become a better designer, and at the same time create a place where I can reference myself to others.

So, with that in mind, I hope you enjoy what I’ll be writing about from this point on. I’ll try to keep some semblance of a posting schedule  but what I’m doing here is still in it’s infancy, so I don’t want to write anything in stone. Thanks, and I hope you’ll find this as fun as I will.


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  1. #1 by darrinnilsson on January 7, 2013 - 2:02 pm

    Great start! You’re on your way Spaz…I mean Super. 🙂

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