Game of the Week #5 – Top 5 Favorite Games – Just Cause 2

Starting today, and continuing for the next 4 weeks, I will be listing my top 5 favorite games I have ever played. These games are games I always manage to come back to, and what I feel are the best of the best. This will be in no particular order. First up on my list is Just Cause 2. Holy s%@t this game is fun. It was an under looked gem, nay, DIAMOND, of this generation. And this is why you should play it.

just cause 2 title pic


You know, I initially planned to write about Legend of Grimrock. I will do that eventually, but after playing no more than half an hour or so of Just Cause 2, I decided that I needed to write about it while I still was ecstatic about it. The screenshot below is the reason why.

Threesome Necrophilia Plane Sex, as I have dubbed it

Flaming Threesome Necrophilia Plane Sex, as I have dubbed it

I had hijacked a military helicopter by grappling on to the front of it, shooting the co-pilot in the face, beating up the pilot, and throwing him out of the helicopter, giving me full access to the infinite-ammo Gatling guns on the side. I then proceeded to fly over to the airport nearby and started finding things to blow up, namely the ubiquitous gas tanks littered everywhere. After I couldn’t find any more gas tanks, I stalked planes on the runway and shot them enough where they were on fine, then let them take off, and I would enjoy the hilarious ball of flames just moments after it had lifted off the ground. In one case, the fuselage had enough momentum to fly off without it’s companion parts, way farther than my render distance. I was nearly crying from laughter at this point, so I couldn’t follow to see how far it would have gone.

And all that was in no more than 7 minutes.

This game is a game purely about blowing things up, driving and flying things around, and enjoying yourself in a giant (and I mean GIANT) island sandbox. There are 3 things that make this game, the grappling hook/parachute combo, the fact that everything is made of pure gasoline, and that it’s so FRIGGIN huge. Lets break that down, in order.

The grappling hook/parachute combo. This game would not be nearly the game it is had it not included this. The grappling hook lets you whip enemies, tear down statues by connecting the statue to your car and driving away, travel around real fast, and much, much more. The parachute works perfectly with the grappling hook when traveling around, and since you have an unlimited amount of parachutes, you can just skydive off any building and arrive safely at the bottom, no harm done. It’s a glorious match, the grappling hook and parachute. It’s, like everything else in the game, just so much fun. There’s not much I can say else, as you just have to experience it yourself to know what I’m talking about.

Second on the itinerary is the high-octane filled environment. To progress in the game, you need to create chaos. You can do this in several ways, collecting faction items, doing faction missions, or most prominent, blowing things up. The game kind of expects you to spend most of your time doing the last item, and it gives you plenty of opportunities to do so. Everywhere you will find one piece or another of government owned property. It could be a gas tank, a radio tower, a water tower, smokestacks, gas barrels, so on and so forth. You get the point. Lots of flammable things. So, you do blow things up. And it’s fun. The graphics for the explosions are nice and big and the sounds are powerful and punchy. Outside of designated things to blow up, you can also blow up all manner of vehicles, which is just as fun if not more fun than the former. Not much is more fun than buying a Pell Silverbolt from the black market dealer, flying it around until you find a suitable item to crash into, and then jumping out at the last moment to see your hard earned money literally burning up in a spectacular explosion.

just cause 2 boat scenery

I would recomend enlarging the pic

Last on the list was the sheer size of the island. Panau is big. REALLY big. Just under 1100 square kilometers. There’s a lot of space to do a lot of things. As far as sandbox games go, this is one of the biggest I’ve ever played. I’m sure there’s larger, but I bet few have as much variety in locations and scenery, all of which are interesting and worth traveling to. The size really helps communicate the fact that this is not some closed off area you get to play in, but rather a living, breathing island with real cities and towns, and real people, lots of which whom you will kill.


All in all, Just Cause 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, because it’s fun. It doesn’t take itself seriously, and practically forces you to be a badass. This game is 1 part GTA, 3 parts gasoline explosions, 1 part unlimited parachutes, and 15 parts awesome. You will spend hours and hours on Panau, so it’s worth the low price of entry. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Have fun!


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