PC Gaming is Awesome, But so is Console Gaming

I consider myself to be a PC gamer tried and true. I feel that, in all blunt honesty, PCs are for the most part phenomenally better than consoles. But do I hate consoles? Do I think they’re holding us back? no, not really. Sometimes I hear from PC gamers that they feel that console gamers are “not real gamers”, or that consoles are “inferior pieces of technology that are stuck in the past”. I don’t think so.

The only real way to game on a PC

The only real way to game on a PC

I’d like to start off by clarifying something. Everyone and anyone who can enjoy games on a regular basis is a gamer. Your mom who only plays Plants vs. Zombies on the iPad is a gamer, your sister who plays nothing but Animal Crossing on her DS is a gamer, and most importantly, even your neighbor who is a CoD bro 360 evangelist is a gamer. Just because you like to relish in the fact that you spent $2000 on a killer gaming rig that you built yourself does not make you the only one who deserves to be a gamer. There are plenty, hundreds of millions of people who do not have the money or the technical know-how to build a computer that can play BF3 at Ultra settings. Most people just want to buy a fancy box for a relatively cheap price, slap a CD in it, and play the game. They don’t want to deal with troubleshooting a computer or tweaking a billion settings just to play a simple game. Does that make them any less worthy of being called a gamer? Nope. So please, stop being an uber-elitist and trying to exclude everyone else out of an awesome hobby/lifestyle. I may be an elitist in some respects, but I realize that lots of people just want to play games without any fuss. And that’s okay.

And another thing, consoles aren’t outdated. Okay, so maybe consoles are a little outdated. But in all fairness, that’s due solely because of the long cycle. There are a lot of problems with too short of console cycles, so it may or may not be a good idea for Sony, Microsoft, and  Nintendo to make their cycles 2-3 years, like it is with most PCs. But I digress. Consoles are still a viable option for gaming, mostly because of the points mentioned earlier. Consoles also don’t hold us back. There will still be plenty of developers who will be devoted to PC exclusives, and they will utilize the awesome hardware provided on their platform. There will still be plenty of developers who realize the PC gaming market is huge, and will port well to PCs to please the masses. Most any developer that isn’t chained to the Big Three realizes that us, the PC gamers, are an important segment of the gaming market. And on another note, you still have games that will really push your rig to the limit, looking at you, BF3. There isn’t any shortage of gorgeous games that wouldn’t be nearly as good looking on a console. It’s not as if developers cant tune down or up the graphics for respective platforms, or that they are blind to PC gaming in it’s entirety, locked to the limitations of the PS3 or the 360. And, as an added bonus, the PC market is growing rapidly, so if anything,  we’ll see more developers and games paying more attention to us.

All in all, there’s nothing particularly wrong with consoles. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why people prefer consoles over PCs. There are also no shortage of games meant to be on PC. You know, I think this mentality of exclusivity may stem from the “nerd vs. faux nerd” mentality. Which I guess could be rationalized, in some sort of abstract explanation. But that’s besides the point. The idea I’m trying to get across here is that although PC gaming is awesome (and arguably better than console gaming), that doesn’t count console gaming out of anything. Consoles will probably be here for a very long time, and there is nothing wrong with that, or the people who play on consoles. So let’s just all try to get along, and game together as a happy community.



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  1. #1 by dugular on February 14, 2013 - 7:21 am

    You are absolutely spot on. When a war never ends, it’s probably because both sides are right in their own ways (Like the Israel/Palestine situation).

    I also have much more loyalty to PCs, but if a friend ever asks me whether to go for a console or a PC… well, then I would say PC because they’d never actually ask that unless they knew something about computers.. but the point I was trying to make is that for a lot of my friends, I completely agree with their choice for a console rather than our power boxes.

    For a lot of gamers, they can’t see the jagged lines that our AAx16 eyes are accustomed too. Or the lower-memory-saving textures. And they hate keyboards. Of course consoles are the best option for them, and I’d be a bit of a d*ck if I told them how wrong they were.

    I’m fully with you on your post!

    • #2 by SuperSN on February 14, 2013 - 1:15 pm

      Ha! You’ve got a point when you say that most console gamers don’t know or care about AA. Before I play *any* games, I need to have Vsync on and AA to at least x4. However, I know that a lot of console gamers don’t care. Actually, I get the general vibe from console gamers that as long as it looks okay, that’s fine, but the gameplay/story tends to be more important. I can agree, but as a PC gamer I like being able to turn every setting up to the highest it can go, and get better graphics than a chained-down system.

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