What the PS4 Means for PC Gaming

The PS4 was announced last week, as many of you may already know. There was a brief look into the ” ‘supercharged’ PC architecture” , a couple games shown from established PS-exclusive franchises, nothing too exciting. But as a PC gamer, I wondered how this would affect the landscape that I play games on. Simply put, nothing bad should come out of the PS4 for us, only good.



Or, in more specific terms, we’re going to get more games and better graphics.

One thing that should be noted about the PS4, and perhaps the most important part to note, is that it’s basically a mid to high-range gaming PC. They even say it outright in their presentation, as you see in the pic above. It shouldn’t have any fancy hardware that’s hard to work with.  “Okay, so what?” you say. Well, in comparison to the PS3, this should be a phenomenally better platform to develop on. Instead of using that nasty cell processor that was cumbersome in the most annoying way possible, you now have what seems to be a  normal, run of the mill 8-core AMD processor. Something that you might see in a normal PC built for performance. The new PS4 and a brand new gaming rig  seem pretty similar. Similar machines means easier porting. So, if everything is the way it seems to be, we should see more developers willing and able to port PS4 games to the PC. This is very good, even in a cynic’s eyes.

Those games that are ported should also have some pretty nice graphics, too. This is pretty self explanatory, but more power in the lowest common denominator = more graphics. (Lets just ignore the Wii U for now.) Hopefully there will be a lot more games that come on PC that at least make mid-grade machines break a sweat, as a result of the porting ease.  Honestly, there’s not a whole lot of depth I can go into this subject, as it’s a fairly banal thing. More transistors = more level 3 graphics tightening.

There are sure to be more fruits that will come of the PS4. There will also likely be more anti-consumer practices as well. As the saying goes, the grass is a little greener on the other side. I could be very wrong, but for PC gamers like me and you, the grass does in fact look a little greener, even if there are some landmines placed by AAA publishers.

Let’s just hope the landmines can be avoided.


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