For once, I don’t really want to make some sort of super-serious breakdown of some event or analyze some game or anything like that. I just want to gush about how awesome mods are.

g-man menu screen


Mods. Are. Awesome. One of the reasons I looove being a PC gamer is because mods are so goddamn cool. Case study one: Minecraft. I bought Minecraft when it was in alpha (hipster mode activate). It was fun as balls then, just as it is now. Almost all of my friends were introduced to it from me. But, after a while, even with all the updates, it got a little stale. So for a very long time, it sat in a dusty corner of my computer. A couple Saturdays ago I decided I wanted to install some mods to freshen up the game a little bit. And so after much tribulation, I got the following mods installed:

Forge, Optifine, brspkrsCore, Treecapitator, Millenaire, Rei’s Minimap, MAtmos, Smart Moving (not actually used because it crashes the client), Dynamic Lights, and Better World Generation 4.

9 mods in total, including APIs and libraries and such (Forge and brspkrsCore). None of these mods are game-changing mods, nothing like divineRPG, IndustrialCraft, or Buildcraft, but they do make an already good game an awesome one. Dynamic Lights, for example, is just a mod that makes it so that light is emitted by torches that are in your hand or torches that have been dropped. Treecapitatior makes it so that if you use an ax when chopping down a tree, all the blocks above it automatically fall from the tree. Simple mods, but great ones. These 9 mods add necessary features and little tweaks that make the game what I want it to be. And that’s something that happens only because I’m on a PC, and Mojang supports and encourages the creation of mods.

Case study 2: Torchlight 2. I bought Torchlight 2 at launch, because I had loved the first so much. (Interesting note, the first was one of the first Steam games I ever owned.) I played it all the way through with an Outlander optimized for summoning. Great fun, and I put it away much like Minecraft. Just recently however, Torchlight 2 integrated Steam Workshop, and already there are 115 mods. I chose to subscribe to SynergiesMOD and company, New Champion Names, Starter Pets [Extended], More Pet Skins, and Ember Gem Upgrade. Unlike my Minecraft mods, these do change the game, particularly SynergiesMOD. And that’s exactly what I want, that being a new fresh Torchlight experience. My little play time with a Necromancer has confirmed that SynergiesMOD was an excellent choice. These mods are great (even if some aren’t as polished as others), and I can definitively tell you I will be again sucked into Torchlight 2, and many hours will be wasted away playing that awesome game once again.

But Minecraft and Torchlight 2 just scratch the surface. Legend of Grimrock, Dungeons of Dreadmor, Skyrim, Civilization V, CS: GO, and many, many more are the reasons why I love modding so much, and in turn, PC gaming so much. Only on this platform can you prolong a game’s lifespan so tremendously much, and only on this platform could you have so much fun.

I know this article was short and meaningless, but I appreciate you guys reading this far. I really do love modding, and I love the people who do it. If you are a PC gamer and you don’t mod your games, you’re doing it wrong, and you’re missing out on one of the best parts of owning a gaming PC, in my opinion. And to developers, supporting a modding community for your game(s) is awesome and I love you.



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