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Game of the Week #7 – Top 5 Favorite Games – Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo-Kazooie was the first game I ever played. I remember my mother played it and she loved it. As a small child, no older than 5, I managed to delete her file at the final boss, Gruntilda.

She’s never played it since.

But a while later, when I started making sense of this insane world, I tried it out. It was, to understate it, amazing. My feeble little mind was completely blown. There we no remnants of my brain to be seen. And because I enjoyed it so much, I have came back to it every couple of years, only to be reminded of that sense I had when I first played it. Even without my nostalgia-goggles on, I can definitely say it is one of the best games ever created, and this is why you should play it.

banjo kazooie box art


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