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Now for Something Completely Different: The SimCity Fiasco

For the past 4 days, the gaming community has been ablaze with conflict, and pretty much all of it has been focused on one game, and one issue. SimCity’s always-online DRM.

Here’s a quick recap of how the situation has progressed on this issue. EA launches SimCity. SimCity servers are completely overloaded, and no one can play the game. Think Error 37 all over again. SimCity servers continue to be bombarded with millions of people wanting to play. EA announces they are to remove “non-critical features” for the game temporarily to lighten server load, and do so shortly after. Amazon stops sales of game. People start asking for refunds, EA gives none. Some EA forum mods threaten to ban those who ask for refunds. EA backpedals on the previous statement, but they still don’t give any refunds. Rumor has it EA hires hundreds of Chinese workers to post positive things about the game and the DRM, reports remain unconfirmed. EA asks third parties to stop marketing game until issues are resolved. People are still mad. The servers still don’t work. Tropico 4 goes on sale.

Millions, all screaming in pain.

Millions, all screaming in pain.

It’s safe to say that the SimCity launch has been the worst launch of any game ever. The only launch to come close to this nonsense has been World of Warcraft, or Diablo 3. But EA’s behavior and response to the launch have been, to put it nice, unsatisfactory.

Instead of delivering a GOTW this week, I feel that the situation has gotten way too out of control and it’s time we talked about it while it still remains relevant. I’ll recap the arguments for and against the game and the DRM, and give my thoughts at the end. Here are the most common problems:

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