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A Retrospective on Mass Effect 3’s Ending

Early last year, on this month, Mass Effect 3 was released for the masses to consume, and consume we did. And I imagine most people were pretty satisfied with the bulk of the game, except for one teensy 10-minute long segment that for some ruined the game. The ending which only provided 3 different options, all of which were basically all the same except for a changed color palate.

My oh my was the outrage great. Across every and all gaming boards on the internet people kicked and screamed over the ending. Petitions were being signed, lawsuits were being threatened, co-founders were leaving out of frustration and the anger of passionate people was showing. In the end, Bioware added a proper epilogue to please those who felt robbed. Was the backlash a bit excessive? Probably. But the ending controversy lends itself to some very important lessons that any developer can learn from. Let’s dive right in.

mass effect 3 wallpaper

And remember people, GAME-RUINING SPOILERS AHOY.

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